The Book of Snorin’ - Sleep Apnea the Musical

The Book of Snorin’ - Sleep Apnea the Musical is the world’s first comedy show about sleep apnea.

Its debut season completely sold out at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and it was nominated for Best Cabaret, Musical or Variety Show at the 2020 Fringe At The Edge Of The World in Hobart.

If you snore or love someone who does, Stew Walker’s show featuring ‘Stewpid’ songs about snoring and sleep apnea will not only amuse you, but it could save your relationship or even your life!

Stew Walker has sleep apnea and snores a LOT! His snoring is so loud that his wife has kicked him out to the bungalow and the neighbours have lodged noise complaints with the police. And sleep deprivation is causing havoc at work, where Stew nods off more often than a bored parliamentarian.

This clean but funny show follows Stew on his quest to treat his sleep apnea and escape the bungalow blues, with the story being told by wacky original songs and jokes.

Along the way he discovers a new cause for sleep apnea: he’s so lazy that he can’t be buggered breathing in his sleep and his brain thinks “Breathing? That can keep!”.

He also confuses doctors with his heart problems, and discovers the key to losing weight: it’s not enough to go to the gym – you have to actually go inside and do some exercise!

The show finishes with an uplifting public service announcement: sleep apnea can kill you. Just ask Carrie Fisher. Well you could, if it weren’t for the fact that she died from sleep apnea (Google it, it’s true!).

Stew is now touring the show to selected festivals, venues, retirement villages, medical conferences, and corporate events. Check for upcoming performances or get in touch to find out about booking Stew to perform the show at your venue or event.

“Very funny, a little bit quirky”

The Book of Snorin’ – Sleep Apnea the Musical

Weekend Notes

“**** A great musical comic talent with catchy tunes and really good audience interactions”

The Book of Snorin’ – Sleep Apnea the Musical

Hey Hey It’s Friday, 99.9 Voice FM

“A lot of fun”

The Book of Snorin’ – Sleep Apnea the Musical

Tasmanian Times

“A hilarious take on the noisy world of snoring”

The Book of Snorin’ – Sleep Apnea the Musical

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