Live, Love, Laugh

The solo show that Stew performed at legendary Melbourne cabaret venue The Butterfly Club in November 2016.

It’s the only show to combine songs about mid-life crisis, corporate bullshit, Bunnings, friendship, first dates, falling in love, family life, marriage breakup, car accessories, Dad jokes, Ikea and farting!

In Live, Love, Laugh Stew showcases an impressive catalogue of songs that are simple, catchy and amusing (just like Stew himself!) with three sets of original songs.

‘Live’ tells tales from Stew’s life, the lives of people he knows and characters he’s created.

‘Love’ covers new love, good love, lasting love, bad love, and lost love.

And ‘Laugh’ finishes off the show with a selection of Stew’s silly comedy songs.

“A life story sprinkled with humour that's grounded in experience”

Live, Love, Laugh

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